Casa Rural Bohilgues



The Bohilgues rural house is located in a unique enclave of the Valencian community between the lands of Aragon and Castile, a geographical feature that helps to consolidate its limits and gives it its own personality.
It is located in Vallanca, a town belonging to Rincón de Ademuz. 6 km from the regional capital offers the ease of being able to visit the rest of the municipalities that compose it and its extensive historical and cultural heritage.

Bathed by the Bohílgues river, it allows you to access the route along the PR-CV 131.6 path, where its crystal clear waters, waterfalls and landscapes invite you to enjoy direct contact with nature at any time of the year.

Vallanca has a long cultural tradition thanks to its Fiestas in honor of the Virgin of Santerón that are held every 7 years from September 16 to 26. Where the municipality becomes the spiritual and festive capital of the lands of Rincón de Ademuz.
The Virgin of Santerón, much loved and revered in this town, according to oral tradition, says that a shepherd from Vallanca appeared in the municipality of Algarra in 1215. And it has been celebrated without interruption since 1719 when a great drought occurred , every seven years the Image is transferred from the hermitage of the Valley that bears his name and remains in the town for eleven days in which Vallanca adorns its streets in a special way, with arches made of juniper fences, which give a special perfume In the plaza, instead of an arch, a canopy is arranged at the main door of the Church with the mission of welcoming and crowning the Virgin in the plaza.
The next septenary will be in 2019 where the 43rd Edition will be held.

The Bonfires of San Antón are celebrated annually on January 17, where all the people in neighborhoods light their bonfire, and share meals, a porridge contest and anecdotes among the neighbors, waiting for the Vallanquero parade that, animated by music, composes chascarrillos for the neighbors .
Fiestas de San Roque on August 16 with different activities for all ages.

Visit the municipality where you will find the hermitage of San Roque with its recreational area and sports facilities.
Sports center consisting of a soccer field, a pediment and a swimming pool.
The hocino cave where the town is located and visit its corners where you will discover its cultural heritage.



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